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Smile MakeOver Overview

Throughout your life, you may have experienced accidents, dental problems, and other difficulties that made your smile less than perfect. A smile makeover at Orlando Advanced Dentists is a custom treatment plan of cosmetic and restorative dental procedures that will help improve the appearance of your teeth — and the overall health of your mouth. A smile makeover might include tooth whitening (at-home or in-office treatments), porcelain veneers, teeth straightening, bonding and contouring, and replacing old metal fillings with composite resin. Your smile makeover could also include restorative procedures, like crowns or bridges, to correct missing teeth or gum contouring to frame the teeth for a balanced look. If you are interested in refreshing your smile to achieve the appearance you have always wanted, schedule a consultation with talented cosmetic dentist Dr. Patricia Roach at our office in Orlando, FL to get your customized smile makeover treatment plan.

Best Candidates

A smile makeover can help improve the appearance of your teeth and typically consists of one or more cosmetic or restorative procedures. Dr. Roach will customize your smile makeover program to meet your concerns and goals through her expert, artistic skills and smile design techniques. A smile makeover often includes home or in-office teeth whitening to eliminate yellow, discolored or stained teeth. Other cosmetic treatments that could be in your plan are all-ceramic veneers or bonding and contouring to improve the shape and length of your teeth and to cover small gaps between your teeth.

Dental crowns may be suggested to beautifully restore damaged teeth while dental bridges or lifelike dental implants may be recommended to replace missing teeth. At Orlando Advanced Dentists, we customize restorations so they blend with your other teeth for a seamless appearance and fit your unique smile concerns. Smile makeovers may also include orthodontic treatment with Invisalign® to properly align the teeth and post-orthodontic cosmetic enhancement of the smile.

Before you have cosmetic procedures, Dr. Roach will need to make certain your teeth and gums are healthy. If you have any prohibitive oral health problems, like a misaligned bite or gum disease, this will need to be addressed before moving forward with cosmetic enhancements. 

What To Expect

To plan your custom smile makeover, Dr. Roach will examine your mouth and talk with you about your goals for your smile and oral health. When planning for a smile makeover, she will create a diagnostic wax-up of your new smile. A wax-up is a lab-made template layered over a model of your teeth to provide a visualization of how your final smile results will look. Dr. Roach will also discuss the types of procedures that may be ideal for helping you achieve your very best smile.

Every smile makeover is personalized so Dr. Roach will go over what to expect during your treatment plan, including how many appointments you may need. She will help you plan your appointment(s) to complete each of the treatments contained within your smile makeover. Local anesthesia may be used during some of the procedures, although anxiolytic sedation can be included if you will need help relaxing due to dental fears or anxieties. Throughout your smile makeover, Dr. Roach and our caring team will be happy to help you feel more comfortable and keep you informed of your progress along the way.


Once your smile makeover is complete, you should maintain the health and appearance of your teeth with a good home oral care routine that includes thorough brushing and flossing every day. In addition to home care, it is essential to attend dental exams and cleanings at Orlando Advanced Dentists so that Dr. Roach can check your oral health on a routine basis. With good attention and proper care, the results of your smile makeover should last for many years. Touch-up treatments every few years, such as with teeth whitening, may help to refresh your appearance. Veneers and restorations may also need to be repaired or replaced over time, which can all be discussed with Dr. Roach at your appointments.

Custom Smile Makeovers

Let us help you get a terrific smile you will enjoy showing off. A personalized smile makeover addresses all of your cosmetic concerns and may include procedures designed to rejuvenate both your smile and oral health. During your initial consultation with Dr. Roach, she will learn more about your smile preferences and explore the cosmetic and restorative treatments that match your cosmetic goals. Get in touch with our Lake Mary, FL office today to make your smile makeover consultation and take the first step toward the smile of your dreams.

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