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If you have developed symptoms of gum (periodontal) disease, a regular cleaning might not be sufficient enough to improve your oral health. The periodontitis stage of gum disease is commonly treated with scaling and root planing (SRP). This nonsurgical procedure performed by our expert team at Orlando Advanced Dentists can help treat gum disease by removing built-up plaque and tartar from the under the gumline. Using special tools, an SRP treatment clears periodontal pockets of plaque and tartar deposits and then smooths the teeth. This encourages the gums to heal and reattach to tooth surfaces, reducing the depths of periodontal pocketing while improving gum health. If you are concerned about your gums or have symptoms of gum disease, schedule a periodontal evaluation at our established Lake Mary, FL dental practice. 

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During your dental exam, Dr. Roach or our dental hygienist will measure the depths of your gum pockets (spaces between your teeth and gums) and we will take digital x-rays to evaluate your bone levels. If the pockets are greater than three millimeters and bone loss from gum disease has occurred, a scaling and root planing treatment might be recommended to stop the disease from progressing. SRP can help to reduce the depths of your gum pockets and minimize the spaces where harmful bacteria can hide and cause damage. Some of the early symptoms of gum disease are chronic bad breath, as well as bleeding, tender, red, or swollen gums and a gumline that is starting to recede. Treating periodontitis as early as possible with nonsurgical scaling and root planing can help to arrest the disease process and restore oral health. When left to progress to advanced periodontitis, a surgical approach may be necessary to bring health back to your smile.

What To Expect

Scaling and root planing is a deep periodontal cleaning that can be performed in our office with local anesthesia to numb the areas being treated. We may also recommend one of our sedation techniques if you feel worried about undergoing periodontal care. Scaling and root planing procedures may take between 1 – 4 visits, depending on the extent of your condition. To perform SRP, our dental hygienist will use ultrasonic and special scaling instruments to clean out built-up plaque and tartar from under the gumline within periodontal pockets. The root surfaces of your teeth will then be smoothed (planed) to create an even surface to which your gum tissues can heal and reattach, thereby reducing the depths of your periodontal pockets. 


After your SRP treatment, you may notice slight gum tenderness and tooth sensitivity for a few days. It is essential that you stick to a good oral care routine at home, including proper brushing and flossing, to keep your teeth and gums clean and healthy. When gum disease is present and has been treated, routine biannual cleanings often are not enough to keep harmful bacteria and gum infection from recurring. Dr. Roach may recommend periodontal maintenance visits on a 3 to 4-month basis to help maintain your gum health, which consists of thorough cleanings and close monitoring of your gum tissues.

Scaling and Root Planing

Periodontitis is progressive and can significantly impact your oral health and wellness if left untreated. If you are experiencing any signs or symptoms of gum disease, we urge you to schedule an exam with Dr. Roach at our office in Orlando, FL. The periodontitis stage of gum disease is typically treated with a nonsurgical scaling and root planing treatment from our gentle, experienced team at Orlando Advanced Dentists. Please contact us today to schedule an appointment or to receive more information on periodontal disease treatment.

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