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Periodontal (gum) disease begins as inflammation in the gums caused by harmful oral bacteria and may result in critical damage to your mouth and jaw. There are three stages of gum disease, ranging from mild to severe. The first stage is gingivitis, which is caused by a buildup of plaque around the teeth and gums. If not treated, gingivitis can turn into the second stage, known as periodontitis, that affects the bone and fibers holding your teeth in place. Advanced periodontitis is the most serious stage of gum disease and can cause teeth to become loose or fall out. To address the effects of periodontal disease, Orlando Advanced Dentists offers both nonsurgical and surgical treatment options. The type recommended depends on the seriousness of the disease but may include scaling and root planing, locally delivered antibiotics, gum surgery, or tooth extraction. If you have signs or symptoms of gum disease, contact our office in Orlando, FL to schedule an exam and consultation with experienced general and cosmetic dentist Dr. Patricia Roach.

Best Candidates

Though gum disease may present with a number of symptoms, you may not recognize the condition on your own — which is why it is important to schedule annual dental exams at Orlando Advanced Dentists. This gives Dr. Roach an opportunity to measure your gum pockets and evaluate the level of bone supporting your teeth so that she can diagnose and treat gum disease before it impacts your oral and overall wellness. Common symptoms of gum disease include red or swollen gums, bleeding of the gums when brushing and flossing, gum recession, and persistent bad breath. In the later stages of gum disease, you may also experience discomfort while chewing, tooth mobility, and sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures. It is important to schedule a dental appointment if you are experiencing any of these symptoms to treat this progressive oral infection and minimize its effects on your oral and general health.

What to Expect

Your periodontal treatment will be determined by the extent of the infection. If Dr. Roach diagnoses you with gum disease, she will go over recommendations for your treatment. Gingivitis is often treated with a very thorough dental cleaning and improvements in daily home care. For cases of periodontitis, nonsurgical scaling and root planing (SRP) is typically performed to deep clean the pockets under the gums. In more advanced cases, traditional gum surgery or laser gum treatment may be needed to arrest the disease process and preserve your oral structures. Locally delivered antibiotics may be combined with gum disease treatments to target and minimize the growth of harmful bacteria beneath the gums. Periodontal treatments also serve to function as bad breath therapy by reducing the accumulation of odor-producing bacteria within the mouth.


The recovery time following gum disease treatment will vary, depending on your condition and the type of procedure you received. You may need to make several appointments at Orlando Advanced Dentists to fully address your gum infection. Once your oral health has been stabilized, you should continue scheduling routine dental examinations and cleanings at Orlando Advanced Dentists. Dr. Roach may recommend a periodontal maintenance program that involves more frequent and thorough cleanings to help keep your periodontal condition from further impacting your oral health and smile. It is also advisable to keep a good at-home oral hygiene routine, which includes brushing and flossing at least twice each day. Dr. Roach may recommend an antibacterial mouthwash to decrease your risk of a recurring active infection.

Periodontal Disease

Gum disease can cause additional damage to your health without the appropriate treatment so it is necessary to seek professional care as soon as any symptoms occur. At Orlando Advanced Dentists, we work with you to restore your gum health and help stop the progression of this damaging oral condition. To learn more or to schedule a gum disease screening with Dr. Roach, contact our office in Orlando, FL.

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